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By withholding new credit, private creditors are forcing certain banks to de-lever — a process that is amplified by the sharp decline in bank stocks and the accompanying erosion in capital cushions. The result of all this is a further, across-the-board shrinkage in the balance sheet of the western banking system.

This is led by Europe where some institutions e. After the debacle of the global financial crisis, governments also want their banks to be better capitalized and more disciplined. And while implementation has been both far from consistent and less than fully effective, the intention is clear: Much tighter guard rails and better enforcement to preclude any repeat of the wild west experience of over-leverage, bad lending practices, and inappropriate compensation approaches.

The influence of central banks and governments are also being felt in other ways that impact the functioning and efficiency of markets. Some of the implications are visible and largely knowable while others, by their very nature, are unprecedented and therefore less predictable.

The goal has been to reduce the probability of prolonged recessions and severe financial dislocations. In doing so, central banks have gone well beyond their prudential supervisory and regulatory roles. They have become important direct participants in markets — essentially using their printing presses to buy selective securities, and doing so not on the basis of the usual commercial criteria that anchor the normal functioning of markets.

Market predictability is also being impacted by the erosion in the standing of sovereign risk in the western world. The cause is the twin problem of way too little economic growth and way too much debt. All this will translate into a very different financial landscape.

The change will be most pronounced for banks. Look for western banks to be less complex, less global, somewhat less inter-connected and, therefore, less systemic. With some banks teetering on the edge, certain European governments e. Also, with the western banking system shrinking in scope and scale, look for new credit pipes to be built around those that are now clogged. With the aim of supporting growth and jobs, particularly in longer-term investments such as infrastructure, some of these pipes will be directed or enabled by governments.

Have no doubt, the financial landscape is rapidly evolving. Some of the changes are deliberately designed and implemented. Others are being imposed by the quickly changing reality on the ground. The ultimate destination is a smaller and safer financial services sector. When we get there, a better balance will be struck between private gains and the common good. Banks will be in a better position to serve the real economy without exposing it to catastrophic risk and harmful abuses.

The next few months will shed light on the extent to which governments and, to a lesser extent, business leaders are able to properly orchestrate the process. The more they fall short, the less growth and fewer jobs there will be. Especially given the current political mood in Washington concerning new federal expenditures, this focus will necessarily require the Obama administration to seriously rethink its approach to trade, particularly toward China.

There are many economic imperatives behind this conclusion. At the same time, the ethical imperative for again having a robust manufacturing sector is central to our national well-being.

Yet just as the economic imperatives are often overlooked, so is the ethical imperative very often dismissed out of insensitivity or otherwise put aside in deference to our culture of greed.

The proof of this conclusion is found in history, starting with the forty years leading up to the Second World War, when the percent of U. These seventy years of robust manufacturing were -- it's no coincidence -- generally robust years for the middle class as well, hallmarked by wide-scale new home construction and new car ownership, quality public school education for the nation's youth, and fair salaries with relatively little income inequality.

Beginning in the early s, however, five Presidents in a row have actively in some cases or passively in others presided over a dramatic decline in the number of workers in our manufacturing sector. Today only nine out of every hundred American workers earn their living in manufacturing. America's trade imbalance alone is now so great that, as the economist Peter Morici of the University of Maryland has calculated, the U. As Morici has written , so long as imports to the U. Americans " must consume much more than the incomes they earn producing goods and services, otherwise the demand for what they make is inadequate to clear the shelves, inventories pile up, layoffs result, and the economy goes into recession.

America alone does not. And among these nineteen countries, Germany, Japan and China most stand out for comparison with the U. The result of all of this, as David Leonhardt of the New York Times has written , is that the German economy consistently grew faster than ours since the middle of the last decade and it recovered much more quickly from the financial crisis of In contrast with Germany's rules-based industrial policy, much has been written about how China has gained unfair trade advantages through its lack of meaningful environmental and labor standards, currency manipulation and other subsidies, highly restrictive limitations on foreign goods purchases, and demands that countries seeking to do business in China first make massive transfers to it of their intellectual property.

These actions and practices of China under its industrial policy -- albeit very often illegal -- have, nonetheless, been highly effective: China just a year ago passed Japan to become the world's second-largest economy and passed Germany to become the world's biggest exporter, and as early as , it will likely pass the U. In just the years between and , China added 11 million manufacturing jobs to its rolls, which are as many manufacturing jobs as we now have left in total in America.

Even the Obama administration, despite countless promises to the contrary during the '08 campaign, quickly fell into the "a job is a job" fallacy while at the same time it's failed to hold China responsible for its illegal trade practices. Just six months after the Inauguration, on June 19, , Larry Summers, the administration's Director of the National Economic Council, said that to make up for the millions of offshored manufacturing jobs, all we need to do as a nation is focus on exporting " computer software, movies, university degrees and management consulting and legal services.

And as for its failure to move against China, the Obama administration, despite professing to recognize the need to address unbalanced trade and rebuild U. And then the administration wonders why workers and voters in towns like Flint, Dayton, Wichita and Buffalo are having conniption fits. We suffer in the magnitude of our trade deficit, the progressiveness of our average wage, the extent of income inequality, the amount of our federal indebtedness, and the pressures put on our nation's state and municipal budgets.

Exceeded only by the responsibility to defend itself, a nation must seek to create an economic environment that give its workers employment opportunities that provide fair compensation, safe working conditions and an absence of discrimination and are compatible with their skills and capabilities. As for safe working conditions, we should be pleased where we are generally, excepting only in coal mining. And as for non-discrimination in hiring, going all the way back to the Kennedy-Johnson era we can generally be proud of what we've accomplished as a nation, excepting only fair employment of the LGBT community.

Where I would contend we are truly falling down in major way on a nation-wide level is in not better reacting to the other form of discrimination plaguing the American workforce, which is the decades-long elimination of millions of manufacturing jobs that would better meet the skills and capabilities of workers who have instead been shoved into low-skill, low-reward service jobs.

When the last light in the plant was shut off, which is literally how the film ended, thousands of highly-skilled manufacturing jobs were eliminated -- jobs which had provided fair wages and benefits, matched well individual skills with job requirements, and instilled a sense of camaraderie throughout the community. Individual dignity and national interest align on the desire to reduce economic inequality and in matching education and skill sets to jobs.

And communities and a nation are in trouble when people feel they are being left behind. There are many proven predictors of performance in all occupations. For example, we know that the aptitude required to be successful as a professional or technical worker is much higher on average than the aptitude of the average unskilled worker.

We also know that the aptitude required to be a successful skilled manufacturing worker or craftsman is much higher on average than the aptitude of the average semi-skilled or standard service worker.

While one needs to be extremely sensitive and careful when trying to correlate jobs with aptitude, three conclusions can be drawn: America's economy, social cohesion and dignity, and Americans' optimism -- in short, America's traditional strength -- all rest on a thriving middle class which in turn rests on a thriving manufacturing sector.

We have benignly and actively neglected this sector for far too long, and regardless of who wins the election, we need to focus on these manufacturing, trade and education-related issues if we want to have a healthy, vibrant, ethically sound nation moving forward. Today millions of American workers are suffering otherwise.

Tomorrow, the very idea of America will suffer. Leo Hindery , Jr. The Myths of Offshoring. The Imperative of Manufacturing. For fully two decades, the American people have been fed the canard that the offshoring of literally millions of American manufacturing jobs is an acceptable price to pay for lower cost imported consumer goods. Yet indisputably, we now know from work done by the non-partisan Center for Economic and Policy Research and others, especially including Lori Wallach and Michael Mandel, that for the vast majority of Americans, the gains in lower prices from trade are being outweighed by wage losses - meaning net losses for most American workers.

We also know from ongoing work by Mandel that shifting production overseas has inflicted far worse damage on the U. Because of persistent flaws in the data fed us by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth of domestic manufacturing is substantially overstated which means that productivity gains and overall economic growth have been overstated as well.

Offshoring to low-cost countries is in fact creating reported gains in GDP that don't correspond to any actual domestic production. This "phantom GDP" helps explain why U. All of this seems esoteric until you reflect on the fact that we are tearing the core out of our economy and, in my opinion, the very heart and soul out of society as those in big business and their supporters in Congress try to justify. The insidiousness of offshoring is three-fold. Yet the recent pronouncements from the administration about revitalizing American manufacturing fail to address them.

First , from its high point in the summer of , employment in manufacturing has fallen from And as a percent of GDP, manufacturing is now just Today's meager GDP figure is down dramatically from And without such targets in place, the U. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable -- Mr. Obama's new "BFFs" -- and others take the position that because the number of manufacturing workers in the U.

After all, we've seen General Electric bring back to the U. Second , offshoring is always described by its proponents as nothing more than moving jobs to 'lower-cost' countries, in our case most obviously to China.

Yet, the administration has to date specifically excluded trade reform from its 'boosting manufacturing' initiatives. Third , we have finally come to appreciate that American corporations committed to offshoring have almost universally been providing their foreign suppliers and overseas subsidiaries with massive amounts of business knowledge, management practices, training and other intangible exports.

Almost none of this activity is picked up in the BLS's shoddy and, I would argue, irresponsible data gathering, but it is the proverbial second shoe to drop. And a very big shoe it is. Cohan goes on to note that "if China follows Taiwan's footsteps [in semiconductors], its aircraft industry should surpass the US's in a much shorter time".

President Obama, according to the New York Times , has started making the case that the United States has moved past economic crisis mode and is entering "a new phase of our recovery," which demands an emphasis on job creation. The specific vehicle that Mr. All of this is consistent with the President's expressed 'transition' from economic recovery to job creation. First , its mandate has to unequivocally include trade reform, because job creation and trade reform -- especially our trade with China -- are inextricably linked.

In this regard, Mr. Obama has made a curious choice to be chair of this new Council, as few multinational corporations have benefited more from our current flawed definition of globalization -- or from China's unfair trade practices -- than has Mr. The Obama administration's track record on avoiding conflicts of interest in economic policy areas already has been called into question by the President's choice of James McNerney of the Boeing Company to head his Export Council.

Boeing, like GE, is completely joined at China's economic hip, while planning every day to ship ever more U. Yet in his January 21st guest column in the Washington Post Mr. Immelt made clear his support of the recently concluded South Korea FTA, an FTA which indisputably failed to put the interests of American workers ahead of the interests of large global corporations, which has to be the primary standard for any FTA.

Third , the Council on Jobs and Competiveness must, as its name implies, take the strongest possible exception to further unwarranted offshoring of American jobs. Yet GE's own history on this issue is checkered at best, especially in its dealings with China.

Also, its ongoing significant financial support of the U. Chamber of Commerce -- the 'big dog' when it comes to supporting offshoring -- is certainly not an encouraging sign of resoluteness in the future. Because the President has made job creation the focus of the next two years, let me close with some observations on what happens if as a nation we fail in this task. In an article written last Friday by Matt Bai of the New York Times , he concluded that Mitt Romney's speech that day to the Conservative Political Action Conference which called today's job fairs and unemployment lines "President Obama's Hoovervilles" was misplaced.

Specifically, said Bai, "It would be hard to construct a compelling case, based on any fair reading of political and economic history, for linking Mr. Obama's term thus far to that of the most maligned president of the last century.

However, as Rick Sloan, who is the Machinists Union's communications director, has noted, while Romney's analogy may not be exactly spot on, the results of the November 2 elections offer us a preview of the campaign if real unemployment in America is not down dramatically from today's dismal levels of Thirty percent of the turnout last November came from jobless households, and nationally this vote split only 50 to 46 for Democrats, which, Mr. Bai, is not exactly an FDR-style landslide a la The world of hurt that the millions of jobless in America have endured will not be easily forgotten, especially if the most recent solution put forward on their behalf -- i.

Isn't a 'jobless recovery' as preposterous as a fetus-less pregnancy? We've got a bloody pile-up at the intersection of Wall Street and Main Street, where reality collides with such corporate conceits. And it's the workers who wind up on life support, while the suits speed away from the wreckage undented and undaunted.

Back to the bat cave, to plot the next leveraged buyout! The Stella D'Oro Strike , premiering on HBO2 tonight at 8pm, tells the story of a beloved Bronx bakery, founded by Italian immigrants in , that now lies shuttered, like so many factories all over America.

The saga of how the company went from a thriving family-owned enterprise to a gutted equity fund acquisition is a success story only if you're rooting for our modern day robber barons. For the dwindling middle class and the unwashed masses, it's an American tragedy that's being repeated all over the country.

No Contract No Cookies puts a poignant face -- or faces, to be precise -- on the massacre of manufacturing jobs that CEOs routinely commit in the name of prosperity. At the Stella D'Oro factory, folks from 22 different countries worked convivially alongside New York natives and gained a foothold in the American middle class, only to be kicked off the ladder when Brynwood Partners, a private equity fund, bought the company. Brynwood claimed, as the New York Times' Jennifer 8.

Filmmakers Jon Alpert and Matthew O'Neill documented the month strike that ensued, capturing the camaraderie of the close-knit workers who hailed from wildly different backgrounds but shared the belief that their solid work ethic would lay the foundation for a decent future for themselves and their families, as it would have in the past.

But with our economy now founded on fictitious, bubble-based fortunes and sleazy sleights of hand, those who actually make -- or in this case, bake -- anything, are expected to accept stagnating or even declining wages even while the affluent few do better than ever. Middle class workers who banked on promised pensions and health care are now portrayed as pariahs and parasites , while the fraudsters who crashed our economy continue to call all the shots, as Frank Rich laments in his scathing New York debut.

Brynwood refused to provide the union with financial statements to document its claims that the cuts were needed, and was found guilty of bargaining in bad faith.

A federal judge ruled that the workers were entitled to their jobs, their pay, and their benefits, and ordered Brynwood to reinstate the workers. So, the company invited the workers back and promptly announced that it would close the factory. Stella D'Oro was sold to a company named Lance, which shut the factory and moved operations to a non-union factory in Ohio where labor's a lot cheaper. Most of the former Stella D'Oro workers remain unemployed; some found a job at another bakery, only to be laid off again a few months later.

When will we stop lionizing business and demonizing labor? GOP hopefuls like Mitt Romney and Herman Cain tout their supposed business acumen as proof that they've got the right stuff to steer our economy out of the ditch. But, honestly, if you've built your financial empire by buying up companies and then driving the workers who are the backbone of those companies right into that ditch, i. And a country where business owners can't figure out how to compensate themselves and their shareholders without screwing their workers is, simply, a country that doesn't work.

Follow Kerry Trueman on Twitter: America's 14 million unemployed aren't competing just with each other. They must also contend with 8.

When consumer demand picks up, companies will likely boost the hours of their part-timers before they add jobs, economists say. It means they have room to expand without hiring. And the unemployed will face another source of competition once the economy improves: Once they start looking again, they'll be classified as unemployed. And the unemployment rate could rise.

Intensified competition for jobs means unemployment could exceed its historic norm of 5 percent to 6 percent for several more years. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office expects the rate to exceed 8 percent until The White House predicts it will average 9 percent next year, when President Barack Obama runs for re-election. The jobs crisis has led Obama to schedule a major speech Thursday night to propose steps to stimulate hiring.

Republican presidential candidates will likely confront the issue in a debate the night before. The back-to-back events will come days after the government said employers added zero net jobs in August. The monthly jobs report, arriving three days before Labor Day, was the weakest since September Combined, the 14 million officially unemployed; the "underemployed" part-timers who want full-time work; and "discouraged" people who have stopped looking make up The Labor Department compiles the figure to assess how many people want full-time work and can't find it — a number the unemployment rate alone doesn't capture.

In a healthy economy, this broader measure of unemployment stays below 10 percent. Since the Great Recession officially ended more than two years ago, the rate has been 15 percent or more. The proportion of the work force made up of the frustrated part-timers has risen faster than unemployment has since the recession began in December That's because many companies slashed workers' hours after the recession hit.

If they restored all those lost hours to their existing staff, they'd add enough hours to equal about , full-time jobs, according to calculations by Heidi Shierholz, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute. No one expects every company to delay hiring until every part-timer is working full time.

But economists expect job growth to stay weak for two or three more years in part because of how many frustrated part-timers want to work full time. And because employers are still reluctant to increase hours for part-timers, "hiring is really a long way off," says Christine Riordan, a policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project. In August, employees of private companies worked fewer hours than in July.

Some groups are disproportionately represented among the broader category of unemployment that includes underemployed and discouraged workers.

More than 26 percent of African Americans, for example, and nearly 22 percent of Hispanics are in this category. The figure for whites is less than 15 percent. Women are more likely than men to be in this group. Among the Americans frustrated with part-time work is Ryan McGrath, In October, he returned from managing a hotel project in Uruguay.

He's been unable to find full-time work. So he's been freelancing as a website designer for small businesses in the Chicago area. Parte II Inadeguatezza della struttura pubblica. Lo slogan Stato leggero che auspica un futuro tutto privato, gestito dal mercato, è la conseguenza di una logica sorpassata, perché in futuro ci attenderà uno Stato pesante a cui farà capo il ruolo principale e strategico della struttura produttiva. Analogamente si dovrà procedere per strutture urbanistiche, ferrovie, aeroporti, ricerca, ecc.

A riprova possiamo ricordare che là dove esiste, per motivi storici come in Germania, un migliore livello di gestione pubblica abbiamo i migliori risultati economici del panorama internazionale forse più significativi anche di quelli cinesi e lo scarso indebitamento del paese si spiega come conseguenza della maggiore efficienza pubblica. In altri settori, più semplici e più collaudati, gli Stati nazionali hanno messo in atto contromisure , per esempio per contrastare la mancanza di vincoli produttivi propri di zone esterne al loro territorio: Diventa emblematico il fallimento truffaldino di Madoff , uno dei grandi finanzieri americani, che per molti anni ha distribuito come interesse il capitale dei fondi raccolti dagli ignari risparmiatori.

La crisi ha rivelato la scomparsa del capitale e la vanificazione dei risparmi. Non siamo in presenza di una previsione errata che produce il fallimento meccanismo selettivo del capitalismo , ma della mancanza di regole e di controllo che legittima l'abuso. Le stime quantitative del fenomeno, data la nebulosità del settore, sono approssimate e devono essere prese solo come ordine di grandezza: Ora nuove valutazioni segnalano che i valori finanziari sono risaliti a 4 volte il Pil mondiale.

In questa situazione gli assurdi stipendi dei banchieri sono solo una conseguenza; se per mancanza di regole accettiamo che moneta falsa venga messa in circolazione non meravigliamoci che i manager pretendano per sé qualche briciola di questo fiume di denaro. Emblematico il fallimento truffaldino di Murdoch , uno dei grandi finanzieri americani, che per molti anni ha distribuito come interesse il capitale dei fondi raccolti dagli ignari risparmiatori.

Pubblichiamo di seguito il secondo di tre interventi di Bruno Musso, armatore e presidente del Gruppo Grendi, sull'attuale crisi economica. Laureato in Economia e Commercio e specializzatosi presso la London School of Economics, è al vertice dell'azienda familiare fondata a Genova nel Con il Gruppo Grendi costruisce nel la prima nave full container italiana e segue in prima persona l'evolversi della portualità nel capoluogo ligure.

Collabora con l'Istituto SiTI per l'elaborazione di un progetto alternativo di sviluppo portuale genovese. Musso è autore di vari articoli e saggi su problemi politico-sociali e del libro Il Porto di Genova - La storia, i privilegi, la politica Celid, Simon Johnson and Peter Boone.

To understand why, first strip away your illusions. Europe's crisis to date is a series of supposedly "decisive" turning points that each turned out to be just another step down a steep hill. Greece's upcoming election on June 17 is another such moment. While the so-called "pro-bailout" forces may prevail in terms of parliamentary seats, some form of new currency will soon flood the streets of Athens.

It is already nearly impossible to save Greek membership in the euro area: In apparent frustration, the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, remarked last week, "As far as Athens is concerned, I also think about all those people who are trying to escape tax all the time. Lagarde's empathy is wearing thin and this is unfortunate -- particularly as the Greek failure mostly demonstrates how wrong a single currency is for Europe.

The Greek backlash reflects the enormous pain and difficulty that comes with trying to arrange "internal devaluations" a euphemism for big wage and spending cuts in order to restore competitiveness and repay an excessive debt level. Faced with five years of recession, more than 20 percent unemployment, further cuts to come, and a stream of failed promises from politicians inside and outside the country, a political backlash seems only natural.

With IMF leaders, EC officials, and financial journalists floating the idea of a "Greek exit" from the euro, who can now invest in or sign long-term contracts in Greece? Greece's economy can only get worse. Some European politicians are now telling us that an orderly exit for Greece is feasible under current conditions, and Greece will be the only nation that leaves.

Greece's exit is simply another step in a chain of events that leads towards a chaotic dissolution of the euro zone. During the next stage of the crisis, Europe's electorate will be rudely awakened to the large financial risks which have been foisted upon them in failed attempts to keep the single currency alive. When Greece quits the euro, its government will default on approximately billion euros of debt to official creditors, and about 27 billion euros owed to the IMF.

More importantly and less known to German taxpayers, Greece will also default on billion euros directly owed to the euro system comprised of the ECB and the 17 national central banks in the euro zone. This includes billion euros provided automatically to Greece through the Target2 payments system -- which handles settlements between central banks for countries using the euro.

As depositors and lenders flee Greek banks, someone needs to finance that capital flight, otherwise Greek banks would fail. This role is taken on by other euro area central banks, which have quietly lent large funds, with the balances reported in the Target2 account. The vast bulk of this lending is, in practice, done by the Bundesbank since capital flight mostly goes to Germany, although all members of the euro system share the losses if there are defaults.

The ECB has always vehemently denied that it has taken an excessive amount of risk despite its increasingly relaxed lending policies. But between Target2 and direct bond purchases alone, the euro system claims on troubled periphery countries are now approximately 1. This amounts to over percent of the broadly defined capital of the euro system. No responsible bank would claim these sums are minor risks to its capital or to taxpayers.

These claims also amount to 43 percent of German Gross Domestic Product, which is now around 2. With Greece proving that all this financing is deeply risky, the euro system will appear far more fragile and dangerous to taxpayers and investors. Jacek Rostowski, the Polish Finance Minister, recently warned that the calamity of a Greek default is likely to result in a flight from banks and sovereign debt across the periphery, and that -- to avoid a greater calamity -- all remaining member nations need to be provided with unlimited funding for at least 18 months.

Rostowski expresses concern, however, that the ECB is not prepared to provide such a firewall, and no other entity has the capacity, legitimacy, or will to do so. Once it dawns on people that the ECB already has a large amount of credit risk on its books, it seems very unlikely that the ECB would start providing limitless funds to all other governments that face pressure from the bond market.

The Greek trajectory of austerity-backlash-default is likely to be repeated elsewhere -- so why would the Germans want the ECB to double- or quadruple-down by suddenly ratcheting up loans to everyone else? The most likely scenario is that the ECB will reluctantly and haltingly provide funds to other nations -- an on-again, off-again pattern of support -- and that simply won't be enough to stabilize the situation.

Having seen the destruction of a Greek exit, and knowing that both the ECB and German taxpayers will not tolerate unlimited additional losses, investors and depositors will respond by fleeing banks in other peripheral countries and holding off on investment and spending.

Capital flight could last for months, leaving banks in the periphery short of liquidity and forcing them to contract credit -- pushing their economies into deeper recessions and their voters towards anger. Even as the ECB refuses to provide large amounts of visible funding, the automatic mechanics of Europe's payment system will mean the capital flight from Spain and Italy to German banks is transformed into larger and larger de facto loans by the Bundesbank to Banca d'Italia and Banco de Espana -- essentially to the Italian and Spanish states.

German taxpayers will begin to see through this scheme and become afraid of further losses. The end of the euro system looks like this. The periphery suffers ever deeper recessions -- failing to meet targets set by the troika -- and their public debt burdens will become more obviously unaffordable.

The euro falls significantly against other currencies, but not in a manner that makes Europe more attractive as a place for investment. Instead, there will be recognition that the ECB has lost control of monetary policy, is being forced to create credits to finance capital flight and prop up troubled sovereigns -- and that those credits may not get repaid in full. The world will no longer think of the euro as a safe currency; rather investors will shun bonds from the whole region, and even Germany may have trouble issuing debt at reasonable interest rates.

Finally, German taxpayers will be suffering unacceptable inflation and an apparently uncontrollable looming bill to bail out their euro partners. The simplest solution will be for Germany itself to leave the euro, forcing other nations to scramble and follow suit.

Germany's guilt over past conflicts and a fear of losing the benefits from 60 years of European integration will no doubt postpone the inevitable. But here's the problem with postponing the inevitable -- when the dam finally breaks, the consequences will be that much more devastating since the debts will be larger and the antagonism will be more intense.

A disorderly break-up of the euro area will be far more damaging to global financial markets than the crisis of In fall the decision was whether or how governments should provide a back-stop to big banks and the creditors to those banks. Now some European governments face insolvency themselves. Europe's rich capital markets and banking system, including the market for trillion dollars in outstanding euro-denominated derivative contracts, will be in turmoil and there will be large scale capital flight out of Europe into the United States and Asia.

Who can be confident that our global megabanks are truly ready to withstand the likely losses? It is almost certain that large numbers of pensioners and households will find their savings are wiped out directly or inflation erodes what they saved all their lives. The potential for political turmoil and human hardship is staggering.

For the last three years Europe's politicians have promised to "do whatever it takes" to save the euro. It is now clear that this promise is beyond their capacity to keep -- because it requires steps that are unacceptable to their electorates. No one knows for sure how long they can delay the complete collapse of the euro, perhaps months or even several more years, but we are moving steadily to an ugly end. Whenever nations fail in a crisis, the blame game starts. Some in Europe and the IMF's leadership are already covering their tracks, implying that corruption and those "Greeks not paying taxes" caused it all to fail.

Despite Troika-sponsored adjustment programs, conditions continue to worsen in the periphery. We cannot blame corrupt Greek politicians for all that.

While no dissolution will be truly orderly, there are means to reduce the chaos. Many technical, legal, and financial market issues could be worked out in advance. We need plans to deal with: Some nations will soon need foreign reserves to backstop their new currencies.

Most importantly, Europe needs to salvage its great achievements, including free trade and labor mobility across the continent, while extricating itself from this colossal error of a single currency.

Unfortunately for all of us, our politicians refuse to go there -- they hate to admit their mistakes and past incompetence, and in any case, the job of coordinating those seventeen discordant nations in the wind down of this currency regime is, perhaps, beyond reach.

Simon Johnson is the co-author of White House Burning: This post is cross-posted from The Baseline Scenario. Read more from the Fiscal Affairs series here. Cette fermeture progressive du robinet des liquidités allemandes creusera donc davantage le gouffre de la compétitivité entre elle et les pays du Sud.

Un bloc émerge donc. Insensible à la ruine qui ravage les autres. Que les choses soient claires: Il va pourtant de soi que seuls des mécanismes de transferts de liquidités en direction de ces nations en grand péril sont susceptibles de remédier à leur perte de solvabilité tout en inversant des courbes du chômage et des revenus qui évoluent dans un sens extrêmement défavorable et bien-sûr inverse.

Le Japon, dont les ratios des dettes ramenés au P. Cette fièvre acheteuse — qui ne règle en rien les problèmes de fond — la met en outre dans une position très inconfortable car, très clairement, elle devient de facto un acteur majeur dans les enjeux fiscaux et budgétaires intra européens.

Nearly all marketing research techniques commonly used today. Insommma gli Zaltman hanno evidenziato Why Don't Managers Think Deeply? Caro lettore, lo so. Se sei in libreria e stai sfogliando questo libro, ti stai chiedendo: E se invece sei arrivato a casa e lo stai sfogliando seduto in poltrona, ti stai chiedendo: Sono due domande molto simili, caro lettore, e pure molto sensate.

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O è più pericoloso lasciare caste e sanguisughe libere di scatenarsi senza nessun controllo? Ho cominciato a scrivere il primo libro contro i mali della politica nel In quindici anni non ho fatto altro che raccontare fatti circostanziati, precisi, documentati. Raccontare fatti è demagogia? Raccontare fatti è populismo?

E su che cosa dovremmo scrivere allora i libri per non essere populisti? Da qualche tempo i parlamentari, per salvare i loro privilegi, hanno adottato la tecnica della lagna preventiva. Il Paese, come la nave Concordia, pullula di eroi sconosciuti e quotidiani, gente disposta a sacrificare la propria vita per salvare il prossimo, esempi gloriosi di altruismo e di generosità. Noi non siamo contro la politica. Noi siamo contro la politica degli Schettino.

Contro la politica degli inetti e dei piagnucolosi. E dovrebbero vergognarsi, anziché protestare. Qualcuno di loro dice: E io rispondo sempre: Per anni, nel silenzio generale, i vizi della casta si sono accumulati e sedimentati senza che nessuno nemmeno lo sapesse. Dopo essere stato quasi dimenticato, è stato imposto di nuovo al centro del dibattito. Qualche piccola correzione è stata fatta.

Si è tentato di invertire la rotta. È già qualcosa, no? La tempistica è stata odiosa: Mai visto nulla di più spudorato. Anche il tecnico Mario Monti non è stato da meno dei politici professionisti, sul fronte della spudoratezza. Quando si è insediato a Palazzo Chigi, nel novembre , ha subito annunciato di voler tagliare i costi della politica. Ma qualche settimana dopo, quando il premier ha varato la sua prima e pesante manovra economica, ebbene, ci ha messo dentro sacrifici per tutti: Ici, Iva, tasse, sforbiciate alle pensioni….

Gli unici cui nessuno ha chiesto sacrifici sono stati propri i mandarini di Palazzo. Gli stipendi dei parlamentari? Meno dello 0,1 per cento… Di fronte a questa beffa spudorata come si fa a lasciare perdere?

E di che cosa dovremmo parlare, di grazia? Di che cosa dovremmo occuparci? Ma, vi prego, non smettete di leggere. Girate pagina, arrivate fino in fondo. E continuate a indignarvi, perché indignarsi non è solo un nostro diritto. È un nostro dovere. Per noi, per la nostra storia, per il nostro futuro.

Per i nostri figli. La rassegnazione è un lusso che non possiamo più permetterci. La rassegnazione è un vizio che ci uccide. E una sana incazzatura è quello che ci vuole per tenerla lontana. Strafogarsi sulle spalle della collettività. I tagli agli stipendi dei parlamentari? A Montecitorio scatta la ribellione.

Nessuno lascia, semmai qualcuno raddoppia, come i superprivilegiati che prendono una pensione da ex parlamentare e una da ex consigliere regionale. In Italia restano A uno degli ex giudici della Corte costituzionale hanno provato a toglierla. Dare meno soldi ai partiti? In dieci anni ne hanno ricevuti il per cento in più. Già, ma come faceva ad avere ancora 25 milioni di euro sul conto?

Diminuire le spese del Palazzo? Mentre gli italiani arrancano per colpa della crisi, gli stipendi dei dipendenti di Palazzo Chigi sono cresciuti del 15,2 per cento in un anno.

Eliminare le Province o almeno ridurne gli sprechi? La Provincia di Palermo paga 43 ore di straordinario agli spalatori di neve nel mese di luglio e quella di Treviso si è rifatta il look spendendo Il fatto è che sono spudorati, ma proprio tanto.

Li avete sentiti parlare? Non mi bastano per sopravvivere. E il risultato è sotto gli occhi di tutti: A questo punto, caro lettore, ti chiederai: La risposta è semplice.

Mal di fegato dopo mal di fegato, qualche piccolo risultato è stato ottenuto. E qui si racconta quale. Ma è ancora troppo poco. Ancora troppe persone sguazzano nei privilegi, ancora troppe persone usano i soldi nostri per farsi i comodi loro, ancora troppe persone fingono di fare riforme e, alla fine, ci fregano sempre. Dobbiamo smascherarli, questi spudorati. Perché, se noi smettiamo di crederci, vincono loro. E non possiamo permettercelo. Le Produit Intérieur Brut est devenu étroitement corrélé — voire confondu!

La statistique du P. Cessons donc de vivre dans ce monde monocolore et manichéen dans lequel quiconque serait opposé aux stimuli gouvernementaux serait aussi opposé à la croissance, monde dans lequel la croissance du P.

Comme nous nous endettons pour su r consommer — confortés moralement par des P. Or, la comparaison actuelle, basée sur une estimation des pouvoirs d'achat relatifs, est sans doute biaisée et fausse la vision qu'on se fait de la puissance économique des pays.

Au début de IIème siècle alors que l'empire allait encore vivre ans, Tacite déplorait déjà. Thursday, August 11, I want to use the opportunity of the recall of Parliament to update the House on what we are doing to protect Britain from the storm and to help lead a more effective international response to the fundamental causes of this instability.

Many sovereign bond markets too have been exceptionally volatile — with market rates for Italian and Spanish debt soaring, before falling back in the last three days. However, while our stock market has fallen like others, there has been one striking difference from many of our European neighbours. This is a huge vote of confidence in the credibility of British Government debt and a major source of stability for the British economy at a time of exceptional instability. We can all see now that their approach would have been too little, too late — with disastrous consequences for Britain.

Mr Speaker, it is not hard to identify the recent events that have triggered the latest market falls. And the crisis of confidence in the ability of Eurozone countries to pay their debts has spread from the periphery to major economies like Italy and Spain.

In particular, a massive overhang of debt from a decade-long boom when economic growth was based on unsustainable household borrowing, unrealistic house prices, dangerously high banking leverage, and a failure of governments to put their public finances in order. Unfortunately, the UK was perhaps the most eager participant in this boom, with the most indebted households, the biggest housing bubble, the most over-leveraged banks and the largest budget deficit of them all.

As the Governor of the Bank of England said yesterday, and the head of the Office for Budget Responsibility has also noted, the British economy is expected to continue to grow this year. Some , new private sector jobs have been created in the last 12 months — the second highest rate of net job creation in the G7. I spoke again yesterday to Sir Mervyn King, and I can confirm that the assessment of the Bank, the FSA and the Treasury is that British banks are sufficiently well capitalised and are holding enough liquidity to be able to cope with the current market turbulence.

We must also continue to implement the fiscal consolidation plan that has brought stability to our bond markets. While other countries wrestled with paralysed political systems, our Coalition Government united behind the swift and decisive action of in-year cuts and the Emergency Budget. While other countries struggle to command confidence in their fiscal forecasts, we have created an internationally admired and independent Office for Budget Responsibility.

And the very same rating agency that downgraded the United States has taken Britain off the negative watch that we inherited and reaffirmed our AAA status. Families are benefitting from the lowest ever mortgage rates and companies are able to borrow and refinance at historically low rates, thanks to the decisions we have taken.

Abandoning that commitment would plunge Britain into the financial whirlpool of a sovereign debt crisis, at the cost of many thousands of jobs. The second thing we need to do is to continue to lead the international response in Europe and beyond. In the Eurozone, there is now a growing acceptance of what the UK Government has been saying, first in private and now in public, for the last year — that they too need to get ahead of the curve.

Individual countries must deal with their deficits, make their economies more competitive and strengthen their banking systems.

Existing Eurozone institutions need to do whatever necessary to maintain stability, and I welcome the ECB interventions through its Securities Markets Programme this week to do just that. I have said many times before that the Eurozone countries need to accept the remorseless logic of monetary union that leads from a single currency to greater fiscal integration.

Many people made exactly this argument more than a decade ago as a reason for Britain staying out of the single currency — and thank God we did. Solutions such as euro bonds or other forms of guarantees now require serious consideration.

And they must be matched by much more effective economic governance in the Eurozone to ensure fiscal responsibility is hard wired into the system. The break-up of the euro would be economically disastrous, including for Britain, so we should accept the need for greater fiscal integration in the Eurozone, while ensuring we are not part of it and our own national interests are protected.

That is the message the PM has clearly communicated in his calls with Chancellor Merkel, President Sarkozy and others this week. And I have done likewise with individual finance ministers, in Ecofin and in the G7 call at the weekend, and will do so again at the September Ecofin and G7 meetings.

We need an international framework that allows creditor countries like China to increase demand and debtor countries to make the difficult adjustments necessary to repay them. Everyone knows what needs to be done, but progress so far has been frustratingly slow, with lengthy disagreements on technical definitions let alone any concrete actions.

There are no excuses left. Those who spent the last year telling us to follow the American example with yet more fiscal stimulus need to answer this simple question: More spending now, paid for by more government borrowing and higher debt, would lead directly to rising interest rates and falling international confidence that would kill off the recovery not support it.

In the developed countries, and especially in Europe, that means making the difficult structural reforms needed to restore competitiveness and improve the underlying performance of our economies. Internationally we have the greatest stimulus of all sitting on the table in the form of the Doha round — a renewed commitment to free trade across the world — that should be taken up now.

On controversial issues such as planning reform we will overcome opposition that stands in the way of prosperity.

On tax we have already cut our corporation tax by 2p, with three more cuts to come over the next 3 years. But there is much more we can do — much more that we must do if we are to create a new model of sustainable growth.

All of us in the House must rise to that challenge in the months ahead and confront the vested interests. They are the forces of stagnation that stand in the way of growth. And stick to our plan that has made Britain a safe haven in the global debt storm. Un partito in fuga. Dai problemi da risolvere, dalle scelte da compiere, dalle responsabilità da assumere.

Questo è oggi il Pdl, che in un giorno solo vive una doppia crisi di nervi. Berlusconi si sottrae al rito canonico, officiato da Bruno Vespa, sul quale ha costruito in tv le sue svolte e i destini della Seconda Repubblica.

Alfano si ritrae dal vertice di maggioranza, convocato dal presidente del Consiglio, insieme a Bersani e Casini. Due "indizi", che bastano a fare una prova: La rinuncia al tele-comizio nel confortevole salotto di "Porta a Porta" nasce dall'insostenibile leggerezza della leadership di Alfano.

A dispetto delle smentite postume, il delfino è ormai marchiato a fuoco dalla maledizione del "quid". Per questo Berlusconi è costretto a declinare l'invito di Vespa. Se fosse andato, sulla stessa poltrona che tra una settimana accoglierà il segretario del Pd, avrebbe sancito plasticamente e politicamente l'inutilità di Alfano. Un'umiliazione troppo pesante, e francamente immeritata.

Ma il passo indietro non basta a nascondere l'evidenza: Anche per questo sbanda, si lacera e si logora tra correnti e rese dei conti. Ha una sottile implicazione mediatica: Ma ha anche una forte implicazione politica. È un altolà del Cavaliere al Professore. Un avvertimento preventivo a non intervenire sui due nervi scoperti del berlusconismo da combattimento. La giustizia e la Rai. L'incontro della "maggioranza tripartita" non aveva un ordine del giorno prefissato.

Ma se riuscirà a chiudere entro marzo la riforma del mercato del lavoro, Monti potrebbe procedere subito dopo con un rinnovamento ai vertici del servizio pubblico e un affondo sulla giustizia e sulla legge anti-corruzione. Esattamente quello che il Cavaliere non vuole. Per questo, armando il suo "sicario", ha giocato d'anticipo. Per lui quello di Monti è e deve rimanere un "governo di scopo".

È nato nel fuoco della battaglia finanziaria. Finché si occupa di questo, va tutto bene. E tutto serve a dimostrare l'indimostrabile, cioè che in economia il montismo è la prosecuzione del berlusconismo con altri mezzi.

Non appena il premier accenna ad allargare il suo campo d'azione, com'è logico e giusto, nella destra in piena decomposizione risuona l'allarme. Il Cavaliere "di governo" si eclissa, e torna sulla scena il solito Cavaliere "di lotta" che strepita, intima e minaccia. Convinto che per Monti alcuni temi siano "materia indisponibile".

Ancora una volta, la pretesa berlusconiana è irricevibile. E Monti farà bene a non riceverla. Il Pdl è un esercito in rotta. Il suo "Conducator" ha perso il tocco magico. E ora sta per perdere le amministrative di primavera: La sua pistola fa rumore, ma ormai spara solo a salve. Giorgio Napolitano e Silvio Berlusconi. Siamo dentro una tempesta finanziaria che investe tutto il mondo e rivela la fragilità dell'economia occidentale, convinta solo dieci anni fa che questo sarebbe stato il secolo della sua egemonia.

Adesso il rischio è che la crisi dell'Occidente intacchi la stessa democrazia, se si rivela strumento inefficace di regolazione del sistema. Non c'è dunque tempo da perdere. Soprattutto per l'Italia, dopo l'allarme lanciato ieri congiuntamente dalle Borse, dagli spread, dalla Bce con Trichet e dalla Ue con Barroso. Siamo noi nell'occhio del ciclone, perché portiamo nella crisi mondiale il fardello del nostro debito pubblico, il ritardo nelle riforme, la paralisi del governo e la polverizzazione della leadership.

Dunque l'inconsistenza totale della politica che non sa governare, non sa rinnovarsi, è incapace di parlare al Paese e ai mercati. Noi abbiamo dato da tempo un giudizio molto negativo su Berlusconi e sul suo governo, che è purtroppo confermato dai fatti. Ma oggi il problema non è più politico, non è più di destra o sinistra, non è nemmeno più Berlusconi. Il problema è la salvezza dell'Italia. Lo ripete ogni giorno Napolitano, lo hanno capito Bersani, Casini e le parti sociali.

Serve uno sforzo straordinario e congiunto per anticipare ad oggi i sacrifici previsti. Berlusconi avrebbe dovuto mettere tecnicamente il suo governo al servizio del Parlamento per questa operazione straordinaria.

Ma il premier è ormai una miscela esplosiva di ideologia e di impotenza, spaventa i mercati e sa proporre solo volgarità istituzionali, come l'invito incredibile a investire nelle sue aziende. Deve prendere atto, col suo partito, che non ha più il consenso, che non riesce a governare e soprattutto che danneggia il Paese. Si faccia da parte, consentendo al Parlamento e al Quirinale di organizzare un governo di salvezza nazionale.

Prima che sia troppo tardi e nell'esclusivo interesse dell'Italia. Qualcuno dovrà chiarire a un'opinione pubblica confusa come sia stato possibile precipitare in poche ore dalla leggenda berlusconiana su un'Italia "che è già uscita fuori dalla crisi e l'ha superata molto meglio degli altri", alla tregenda tremontiana intorno a un Paese che a causa del suo debito pubblico "rischia di divorare il futuro nostro e quello dei nostri figli".

In questo abisso di contraddizione politica e di contraffazione mediatica è racchiuso il fallimento di un governo che per tre anni ha colpevolmente negato l'evidenza, e che adesso è brutalmente travolto dall'emergenza.

Corruzione Guardia di Finanza. Il corruttore Sciascia e i finanzieri corrotti sono condannati, B. Fondi neri sui terreni di Macherio. Randazzo Unione per votare contro Prodi. Vai in spiaggia coglione, vai a trovarti una fighetta e molla sto computer di merda. Comunque sabato non lavoro, al limite andiamo a farci un giro in laguna col tuo gommone. Porta le tue sorelle ovviamente Se non sbaglio oggi e' il tuo compleanno Auguri pezzo di frocio, chissa' che tu possa ingolfarti di cassata e che ti riempiano il culo di grossi cannoli.

Probabilmente sia tu che l'altro terrone in macchina che ti ha investito avevate mezzi rubati. Altrimenti gli avresti fatto causa e ti saresti beccato Ti consiglio di ammazzarti, terrone del cazzo. Scusate il mio intervento ma il mio padrone è intendo ad estrarre l'ariete a grandezza naturale anale dal culo della mamma di "nuovoutente". Purtroppo questa volta ha esagerato. E' riuscita ad infilarselo di taglio L'Italia dovrebbe venire sciolta con l'acido da Bologna in giù, giusto perchè le bolognesi succhiano bene il cazzo.

Per Antopio non c'è problema perchè finirà paralizzato a cagarsi addosso su una sedia a rotelle usata, dato che i terroni non comprano nuova nemmeno la carta igienica. Se poi c'è in giro qualche romano, gli auguro un tumore all'intestino, se già non ce l'ha lui e sua madre che probabilmente fa la pescivendola al Testaccio.

Quanto all'anonimo, ha ragione a dire che le bolognesi succhiano bene l'uccello, credo sia l'unica cosa che sanno fare bene a parte i tortellini, quelle troie! Questo commento è stato eliminato da un amministratore del blog.

Antopio, suvvia, non fare il bischero Da un post si possono capire tante cose sull'autore. Per quanto riguarda "voglio fare lo scrittore", hai ragione: Tuo padre è medico, fatti curare. Non vorrei dire ma non sei molto coerente. E' un bene per me se sono venute al nord. Ciao cucciolo, oggi non ti sei fatto vedere Da quando si è saputo del tuo cazzo osseo sempre in giro a stantuffare. Stasera doppia razione di pappa.

BAU BAU, sono arrivate 2 sicule alquanto baldracche e la doppia razione di pappa mi servira' proprio, mi stanno spompando queste due assatanate.

Marika, continua a guardare beautiful e cento vetrine e parla di daniele interrante. S, e poi vai a scartavetrarmi il cazzo perchè ho fatto un errore di battitura, prima vatti a studiare un po' di latino, poi ne parliamo, ignorante. Io non sono padrone delle mie sorelle, se loro vogliono andare al nord a studiare perchè certe università qua in sicilia non ci sono saranno anche cazzi loro, io vado a catania per quel che mi riguarda terzo: Muori Antopio tu e la tua famiglia di inutili terroni di merda squallidi e ladri col motorino truccato.

Leggo solo ora e con grande disgusto il tuo post. Chiedo venia, testa di cazzo. Verissimo ma se studiandolo si diventa dei pipponi come te……………; 5 ci credo che non sei padrone delle tue sorelle, non sei padrone neppure del tuo culo; 6 sicuramente i cazzi di tutte le dimensioni e colori sono sempre delle tue sorelle, su questo non avevamo dubbi; 7 tuo padre è ginecologo…………. Rileggi il mio post!!!! Un superminchione come te? Ma vai a cagare siculo dei miei stivali; P. Ehi noto che Antopio non è ancora morto peccato un terrone di troppo al mondo lui e sua madre fradicia di sborra che il padre ginecologo conserva per i suoi vizi.

Che mi dovrei aspettare da un pirla come te? Succhiamelo e fai qualcosa di utile in sto mondo coglione. Ma è vero che al sud i rifornimenti di saponette non arrivano?

Muori te con tutti i mafiosi amici tuoi, dio bueo!! Mondo che, per la cronaca, è composto anche dal sud italia, brutto fascista rottinculo del cazzo Oddio, controllo se qualcuno mi piglia per il culo e gli rispondo! Antopio che grande testa di cazzo sei. Sempre il solito, scrivi i tuoi post e non mi avvisi. Non so cosa vuoi dimostrare……. Io faccio lo scientifico e ti assicuro che il latino da noi si fa dal primo anno, se da te "valia" ovvero voglia di studiare non ne avete saranno pure cazzi vostri, io non giudico più..

In sicilia ci sei stato? Le mie sorelle non ti fanno uscire, fanno bene, un coglione in meno a sto mondo. Hai qualcosa di più del diploma? Antopio del mio cazzo, il problema non sono i "terroni" come anche tu ti definisci A volte ho dormito in tenda, altre in albergo anche in spiaggia distrutto dal vino.

Sono stato a S. Vito lo Capo, ad Erice, ho visto la valle dei templi, lEtna, sono stato a Favignana uno dei posti piu' belli che abbia mai visto ed a Sciacca Ho amici a trapani e Palermo anche allo Zen. Il problema non e' la terra o la regione e neanche molti dei suoi abitanti; il problema sei tu!! Fin dal primo post hai rotto i coglioni con la storia di "mio papa' fa il medico" "mia mamma lavora in ospedale" "ho due sorelle mantenute in 2 universita' del nord" "voglio fare lo scrittore" "io non rubo perche' tanto i soldi li ho" Lo capisci che tu staresti sul cazzo a chiunque anche se abitassi a Bolzano brutto frocio di uno sbarbato diciottenne di merda?

Il fatto che tu voglia continuare ad ostentare certe cose non vuol forse dire che alla fine il razzista sei tu? Chi cazzo se ne fotte se tuo padre apre le fighe per lavoro o se tua sorella la apre per diletto, tu mi stai sul cazzo non per la tua origine ma per quello che sei, un finocchio frustrato che ha bisogno di dimostrare al mondo di non essere inferiore Infilati un fresco cannolo in culo e chissa' che ti schiarisca le idee, segaiolo bastardo.

Rujo un inchino a debita distanza non si sa mai Sei riuscito ad esprime molto meglio di me il concetto che cercavo di far comprendere al nostro "simpatico" siciliano. Purtroppo non ho studiato il latino e i miei limiti si vedono. Antopio, piccolo mostroide, non scassare più il cazzo. White, un saluto anche al tuo simpatico cagnolino che non vedo da un bel po' Che la mamma di qualcuno di nostra conoscenza ne sappia qualcosa? Purtroppo il cagnolino non sta molto bene, dopo il "trattamento intensivo" di quella travona insaziabile della madre di nuovoutente è completamente sfiancato.

In questo momento sto prendendo accordi con le sorelle di antopio per regalargli una villeggiatura in Sicilia. Mi dicono che non hanno problemi a trovargli una sistemazione in casa. Sbattono fuori a calci in culo il simpatico fratellino e fanno posto al mio cucciolo. Senti, cambiando discorso, quand'è che si va ad assistere ad un bel concerto del metal montanaro per antonomasia Kolla il lurido? In questo periodo si svolgono pure i campionati valdostani dello sport più seguito in Valle: Tra i partecipanti, con buone possibilità di vittoria, le madri dei componenti del gruppo ragestorm.

White, consiglierei il campeggio al tuo simpatico cucciolotto, casa antopio deve essere un covo di froci e non vorrei che il tuo cagnolino subisse dei traumi. Per quanto riguarda il piu' frocio dei montanari metalnerd; io purtroppo ho le ferie a dicembre e non riesco ad allontanarmi da Venezia, consiglio anche a te di seguire l'esempio del Kolla fan cool ed andare a dargli un salutino di persona che lui poi e' contento Comunque, a parte tutto, in culo alla balena quindi della madre di nuovoutente per l'intervento questa volta non scherzo.

Boh sarà che questo blog langue ma mi sento più buono. Dio stacanovista, poi ti mancano le forze mentali per insultare la gente di questo blog. White, ed io che volevo esordire dicendo che sono stati riscontarti reati accertati contro il patrimonio naturale in Sicilia e che sono al primo posto in quanto sporcizia nel mare Che dire, oggi mi sento anche io piu' buono Faccio gli auguri al vecchio antopio ricordandogli sempre che uno non puo' pretendere ne dolcezza ne obbiettivita' quando cazzeggia su un blog che si chiama "insulti gratuiti".

Per quanto riguarda le ferie Mi faccio sempre dei viaggi da panico, anche perche' lavoro con i turisti a Venezia ed oramai ho un sacco di amici ovunque. Mi sono messo a studiare giapponese la mia quarta lingua e questo inverno andro' a Tokyo; non ti preoccupare che il Rujo se la passa molto bene.

Fatti sentire, e dai un biscottino al tuo cagnolino da parte mia. Bè complimenti messer Rujo Cazzo 4 lingue, Dio poliglotta. Il Giappone è molto bello a detta di un mio amico che ci va almeno un paio di volte all'anno per lavoro. E bravo Rujo, hai ragione quando dici che te la passi bene e son contento per te. White, quando vorrai venirti a bere del buon vino e visitare la mia citta' sarai sempre il benvenuto. Vieni pure con il tuo bel cagnolino. Mi vergogno profondamente di appartenere ad un branco di imbecilli come voi, che vi proclamate gente del nord, ma siete solo delle nullità, che parlano per frasi volgari, ignoranti, facendo di tutta l'erba un fascio.

Dite ad un meridionale, solo perché è tale, che non sa parlare, ma vi siete resi conto di come scrivete voi? E tu Antopio, se sei intelligente, non raccogliere queste provocazioni, lasciali parlare. Hanno una vita triste, perché qui al Nord si è perso il contatto umano, tutto è solo apparenza, siamo tutti in divisa, tutti vestiti uguali altrimenti non vieni accettato, tutti nello stesso locale altrimenti sei out, tutti che ostentano i propri soldi, anche quelli che non hanno, il tutto per essere considerati.

Imparate a vivere e ad allargare i le vostre menti perché non esiste solo la vostra piccola realtà. Ma siete tutti dei negri di merda Ma andatevene a fare in culo brutti negri sfigati! Anzi, prima mandatevi quelle vacche da monta delle vostre sorelle negre che le pompo in culo di gusto. Per quella grande pereta di Iolanda Ma chi sfaccimma ti credi di essere? Sei una vacca con un culo enorme, sei una lecchina di merda, una falsa, un'ignorante Lecchi il culo anche a chi ce l'ha sporco di merda pur di stare al centro dell'attenzione, e questo è l'unico modo per non far vedere quanto sei incapace Fa i la voce dolce e saluti tutti col bacio di qua e di là, anche chi non conosci, perchè solo la troia venduta sai fare Sei una ridicola, la gente non ti sopporta, e ti odia proprio per questo tuo fastidioso esibizionismo, per il tuo continuo stare tra i coglioni Hai rotto il cazzo, ti auguro di marcire nel paesino di merda in cui vivi e di renderti conto, ma solo quando sarà troppo tardi, che sei una delle tante, e che se proprio ti senti regina, si sul a regin ra munnezz Avec sa bite qui va la, se joignent et positions la chienne faire manger ces, potes ont eu à ces mecs des positions originales et le côté qui mature italienne pamela pipe en gorge à la maison.

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mature italienne annonce fetichiste pieds Ma oggi il problema non è più politico, non è più di destra o sinistra, non è nemmeno più Berlusconi. Una relazione che la diplomazia americana sospetta basata su affari inconfessabili e addirittura su tangenti, oltre che su un mimetismo machista e autoritario: If they sex french mature escort girl ajaccio all those lost hours to their existing staff, they'd add enough hours to equal aboutfull-time jobs, according to calculations by Heidi Shierholz, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute. Con il Gruppo Grendi costruisce nel la prima nave full container italiana e segue in prima persona l'evolversi della portualità nel capoluogo ligure. Europe's rich capital markets and banking system, including the market for trillion dollars in outstanding euro-denominated derivative contracts, will be in turmoil and there will be large scale capital flight out of Europe into the United States and Asia.

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